Generated Haikus

Some nice ones:

mexican circus
carrots and potatoes making whoopee transversely
wierded out condom

fluffy fuzzy squids
squids twirling intuitively
mexican balloon

horizontal flower
reason writing over the rainbow
oriental pillow

insatiable bread
newt go fasionably
insatiable hat

forgotten trash can
toothpaste fornicating gracefully
treacherous trash can

bored Virgin Mary
Canada layering passionately
creepy Canada

hoarse chicken patty
melted velveeta fetishizing too slowly
ignored cheezy poofs

hoarse chicken patty
cheezy poofs buttoning voraciously
old and fat dollop

alone cheezy poofs
egg mcmuffin pontificating softly
refusing molar

Beautiful Bowl
Hands Dance Closely
Intelligent Hands

Gorgeous Animal
Face Giggle Barely
Savage Animal

purple chocolate
piano animating shockingly
delighted puddle

delighted puddle
giraffe animating carelessly
happy bowling ball

filthy chocolate
mouse ovulating snuggly
delicious saddle