Haiku Generator Formatting Guidelines

How to format variables for the Haiku Generator:

You need to make four lists, one for each part of speech:
nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives

After each item, you have to say how many syllables the item has. For example:
"tree", "1"

You can have multi-word items:
"the gentle tree", "4"

Each item must be inside quotes, followed by a comma which is outside the quotes:
"grass", "1", "flower", "2", "willow", "2", "leaf", "1", "mountain", "2"

Also notice that there are no “carriage returns” between words — this is all on one line.

Here’s an example of four lists:

"grass", "1", "flower", "2", "willow", "2", "leaf", "1", "mountain", "2"

"Moving", "2", "Swaying", "2", "Growing", "2", "Swinging back and forth", "5"

"in the wind", "3", "slowly", "2", "well", "1", "in the soil", "3", "very quickly", "4", "", "0", "very forcefully", "5"

"cool", "1", "green", "1", "pretty", "2", "amazing", "3", "beautiful", "3", "lovely", "2", "colourful", "3", "turquoise", "2", "", "0"

You should have at least 20 items for each of your parts of speech. More = better.
(That’s a minimum of 80 words, total. You can do it! Eye of the Tiger!)