Info – Sony Rootkit

Planet Sony: mapping the spread of the Sony Rootkit infection

More than half a million computer *networks* have at least one infected computer

It now appears that at least 568,200 nameservers have witnessed DNS queries related to the rootkit. How many hosts does this correspond to? Only Sony (and First4Internet) knows…unsurprisingly, they are not particularly communicative. But at that scale, it doesn’t take much to make this a multi-million host, worm-scale Incident.

Asia JPG
Europe JPG
United States JPG

Compare to image of lights at night (indicating population desnity)

Explaination of how the maps were made

More about the Sony BMG CD Rootkit infection:
Open Letter to Sony from the EFF
Wired: Sony Numbers add up to trouble
Rootkit timeline on BoingBoing:

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