Thanksgiving Eve Organizational Frenzy

Student Work Portfolios
You all have nice web pages dedicated to your code work
Behold! Code as Poetry Student Work 2005!

Feel the peer pressure…

Information Overload
Just in time for your tryptophan induced stupor, I compiled information about all the stuff we talked about last week: the Sony rootkit, text adventures, and chatterbots. Note the corresponding posts below. Click on the (more…) Drink in the sweet sweet knowledge.

In the news today:
This toy called Let them sing it for you. It takes what you type and turns it into an audio file comprised of words from popular songs. The artist who made it, Erik Bünger, is in to pluderphonics in general.

What’s Pluderphonics?
Glad you asked….

John Oswald is considered the originator of the term “pluderphonics”
Here’s a nice plunderphonics track of his: [MP3]

Other artists who use these techniques:
People Like Us
Almost every DJ you’ve ever heard of…

Here’s a giant meta-mashup by DJ Food – Raiding the 20th Century [ MP3 ]