Write a haiku… and so much more!

To write a haiku
by not writing — you call this
homework? It seems weird…

Those of you who didn’t compose a list of formatted variables (aka: “words”) for the haiku generator, this is your last chance. (Those of you who already did are welcome to create another list for us to try out.) I’ll be checking your blogs later tonight. Which is Tuesday.


Book Report
Write a book report of your assigned reading from Words Made Flesh. (That’s pages 75 – 101. I’d like you to pay special attention to, Tristan Tzara and the Dadist poem, Italio Calvino and Machine Generated Literature, and the Oulipo. )

You can use these readings as a jumping off point to discuss any related text or topic, so long as you intelligently reference the readings. You book reports should be 2-3 paragraphs with a link or two, posted to your blogs. I’d like you to have this done by next Monday, November 14.

Idea for a Generative Text
I’d like you to describe an idea for a text generator similar to what we’ve been using in class. This week, I’d like you to describe an idea of what you might do. By next week, I’d like you to describe a program that could do what you thought of. Not write a program — just kind of outline how you think it might work. I’ll help you out with that part based on the ideas you post this week.

Once we have your description and outline for your text generator, we’ll put together your program so you can see how it works. And then you will feel the joy of creating a piece of live code. Have a mountain dew and a snickers on me, you hacker nerd!

The next code project we’ll tackle will be a basic chatterbot. As prep work, you should do some google / wikipedia work with the term “eliza.” Find some toys. Play with ’em. See what happens. Write about it in your blog. Which reminds me…

Point of No Return
Some of y’all are a little “behind” on your journal posting. Which, I must remind you, is the only written requirement in this class. So if you plan on catching up with your blog posts, do it now.

Becasue if you fall any futher behind, we will replace you with a clever little bot which will spew out random yet entertaining text in your place. This bot will also receive your credit for this class.

Sad for you, but the bot will be well on its way to a high powered job.

The future is weird, no?