So it turns out this is the second to last class — we do have class next week. So next week, we’ll review everyone’s projects — your generators, and (if you make one) your chatterbots. If you want to have a “live” program, I need you to post your vocabularies by this week so I can put them into the software.

Show and Tell:

NPR: Paying Real Money to Win Online Games

David Byrne gets and RIAA warning (too much Missy Eliot in a 3 hour period)

Chatterbots (and the economics of invisibility)
The NY Times wrote a story about a video chatterbot called DiNA, but they’ve already hidden the story behind a paywall. (Here’s Grand Text Auto describing it).

Objects with Brains
What does basic generative programming have to do with your everyday life? Here’s Cory Doctorow in the NY Times today (read it quick) on programable logic:

The proliferation of cheap and cheerful programmable chips promises a new age of “whimsical logic,” chips that power devices whose functions are as delightfully impractical as their forms…

Media Suicide Watch: the Dead
The Grateful Dead has always had a policy of allowing fans to record and trade all their shows — it’s been one of the major factors in their popularity. Now that they’re rich, a couple of the remaining Grateful Dead rights holders have reversed that policy and are demanding that take down the high quaility recordings or makes them only available as un-savable streams. A lot of people find this incredibly sad and hypocritical….

More deranged anti-piracy action:
Don’t Copy That Floppy from 1992. The power of the scary rapper compels you!

And from the other team…
VCD Quality — a review site for pirated movies. Find the F1L3 n4M3z you want to download before you fire up your file trading app.

Visual Grammar of teh Web
Warning! This site contains images!

OMG ! Briliant Idea ! 1 !
Looking at this person’s idea for “Darwinian Poetics,” I had me an idea for a script similar to Hot-or-Not, Geek-or-Not, or Kitten War: Am I Poem or Not — rate a snippet of text for poetic value. Or maybe Poem War — two snippets of text appear, and the user the poetic winner. Make it so, Dan!