non-LOSS’y translator

non-LOSSy translator

Simon Biggs created a page_space that translates textual input into “a number of different languages, including English, Greek symbols, the decimal ASCII codes that map keyboard keys to typography, the binary codes that equate to these, Morse Code and Braille.” The work creates a visual palimpsest of computer/human language, while also acting as a quirky word-processor that saves your work (called “LossText”) onto the hard-drive. As you enter your text the words are continuously translated and processed, the text resizing itself as more data is entered and translated material accumulates. The page visually and virtually reconfigures itself. Biggs remarks, “If you choose to keep writing for long enough the text you are writing will eventually become reduced to 1 point fontsize, rendering all the different codes visually equivalent and equally unreadable (except for the Braille).”