page_space show at Machine Project

page_space at Machine [image by Roxanne Carter]

page_space at Machine, Feb 28 – Mar 14, 2004
Curated by Braxton Soderman and Jason Brown.

Instalations included:

  • Arteroids
  • video game by Jim Andrews
    with text by Christina McPhee and Helen Thorington
  • Nimbus
  • sculptural work by Alexandra Grant
    based on text by Michael Joyce
  • Untitled Game
  • textual driving game by Sara Roberts
  • Text v.1
  • interactive video by Karolina Sobecka
  • Experimental Collaboration
  • ten page spaces by ten artists, coders and designers

  • The page_space show at Machine was centered around the page_space experiment, a collaboration between writers and page makers which attempted to reverese the usual collaboration between writing and design while examining the architectures behind the allegedly blank page.

    page_space [image by Jason Brown]

    The page_space experiment programmer/writers are:

    Simon Biggs
    Lluis Calvo
    Loss Pequeño Glazier
    Deena Larsen
    Jason Nelson
    Brian Kim Stefans
    Pedro Valdeolmillos
    Jody Zellen

    The page_space show at Machine was made possible with the velvet-gloved guidance of Mark Allen, the generous assistance of Carla Herrera-Prats, and the kind support of CalArts Writing