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Nick Grimes

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frightening willow
mall canoodling hauntingly
hideous calarts
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Monologue Generator where actors can access it and type in what kind of actor they are( Their type I.e. Leading lady, Best friend , Comic side-kick, Classical- comedic, Classical- serious, Ingiunue, Dramatic actor/actress, Character actor/actress, Etc) They type in their race/ethnicity and, finally, possibly their height. The Generator computes all this information (Somehow) and It randomly produces with a series/lists of words, based off the information inputted by the actor, The Perfect Monologue for that specific actor. The monologue is perfectly inline with what kind of actor they are and what kind of speech that will show their chops off well and hopefully win them either great success in class with their acting coach or win them some sort of part in some theatre somewhere.


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