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Patrick McHale

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insatiable bee
head dump fasionably
insatiable ghoul
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my idea for the program is a story generator. it will be a bit like mad libs... the user being able to imput a few keywords. name of character, animal, etc. then i will write three lists of sentences that could go together to tell a story. maybe 100 sentences in each list. i would like to use the "seed" aspect, so that if you imput the same name and animal, you will get the same story....

eventually, it would be nice to have another key word that would select the kind of story. so there would be maybe 10 different groups of three lists of sentences. the first group would be "name and animal in conflict, name wins". and another group might be "name finds animal in the forest." so the third key word would just be used for deciding which group to choose from. maybe that would be a "magic number" or something... use it to randomly select one of the groups (and use the "seed" element).


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